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Both Kafka Connect and Debezium Courses Savings Bundle

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Need to get up-to-speed quickly with Kafka Connect and Debezium?
Need to know how to run Kafka Connect and Debezium in production effectively?

This combo savings bundle of both courses is for you. Designed for the busy, motivated professional and compacted into under 4 hours of expert level instruction.

Save time and money with access to both the Kafka Connect and Debezium courses.

The Kafka Connect course covers everything you need to know including:

  • Why Kafka Connect?
    • Sinks vs. Sources
    • Build vs. Buy
  • What is Kafka Connect?
    • Architecture - how is it built?
    • Key APIs
    • Open Source vs. Proprietary connectors
    • KIPs
  • How to run Kafka Connect?
    • Standalone vs. Distributed
    • When and how to choose one vs. another
    • Examples - Hands On Sinks and Sources
      • Standalone
      • Distrbuted
    • SMT - Single Message Transform - Hands On
    • Schema Registry integration - Avro, JSON
  • Going to Production - Hands On
    • Monitoring
    • Scaling and Resiliency
    • Verification, Testing, and Failover
    • Troubleshooting
  • Conclusion

The format of these courses includes essential configuration and concepts including:

  • Key component diagrams
  • Quizes
  • Sample assignments to enforce configuration and architectural components
  • Source code examples

As you progress through both the courses, you may have questions and we have you covered in our private support forum.

I know your time is valuable and we often you need to learn new technologies quickly. These courses are designed for you. All the essentials are conveniently covered. No searching around. Get what you need to know from one convenient spot with Q&A support forum. Run in production with confidence.

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